San Diego
March 16-18, 2015

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This is a great opportunity to learn and share from the industry's greatest talent. We are thrilled to be hosting some of the leading knowledge experts at STAR-Global-Conference from within and outside of the CD-adapco community. See the full lineup of featured sessions, hand selected and carefully curated by our awesome content team.


Presentations make up the tracks content at STAR Global Conference, cover a variety of topics and span from beginner to advanced user levels. Presentation are 30 minutes unless otherwise noted. Tracks normally consist of 4-5 presentations. Please look at the agenda for further information. Business and Strategy Coding and Development DevOps Frontend Site Building Core Conversations Labs Business Showcase Business and Strategy The business track focuses on using CD-adapco to solve business challenges and add value to the customers.


Birds of a Feather (or BoFs) are informal gatherings of like-minded individuals who wish to discuss a certain topic without a pre-planned agenda. BoFs are a great place to meet other members of the community with similar interests. BoFs allow groups to meet and discuss issues relating to regular conference sessions or get together as a group of like-minded individuals to talk about common problems. BoFs can be serious, and a great way to gather the people you’ve been working remotely with on a project in a space to deep dive on a topic, but they can also be fun as well! BoF Guidelines



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