ThermoAnalytics is a leading developer of thermal, fluid-flow and infrared modeling software. Nearly 20 years of development has contributed to the evolution of our industry leading software, consisting of engineers and scientists with advanced degrees and experience in the fields of CAE software development, computational heat transfer, infrared signature prediction, thermal-fluid systems design and modeling, and field/lab measurements. The speed, accuracy, and ease of use has helped solve heat transfer problems for the industry’s most difficult applications such as transient brake modeling, complex underhood simulation, exhaust and underbody simulation, long transient cabin comfort analyses,  battery packs for HEV/EV and countless other thermally sensitive components. We are singularly driven to be all things to all things thermal. Our passion for transient analysis and thermal modeling allows both our software users and our service clients to apply the most sophisticated technology and simulation methodologies available.  Our customers have faster, more reliable, efficient, and accurate processes that reduce testing and product development cycle times and (therefore) save money.

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STAR Global Conference 2017
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